Sunday, January 6, 2008

Where's My Baby?!!

You know Pete is almost 6, right? So not really a baby, right? But when she's more than a hour late getting home from school, she's my baby and that's that.

Pete's been getting home a little later than we thought she would when we signed her up for the bus at the beginning of the year because they added another whole route to her bus in the afternoon. I was okay with that. I'd prefer she get home at the time she was supposed to, sure, but it's okay. But then on Friday, the later time came and went with no sign of Pete or the bus. No big deal, things happen and buses get 15 minutes behind sometimes, right? But then 15 minutes went by with no sign of her. And then 15 more. I called Husbandguy to see where he was in case she was at the school and needed to be picked up for some reason, and I started cooking dinner. She'll be here any minute I kept telling myself. And the little Mom voice in the back of my heart kept saying not to think about the fact that every mother who's lost a kid has told herself that very same thing. After 15 more minutes, I called the school; surely someone there would know why she wasn't home. But there was no answer. After 10 rings the fax machine picked up. I waited a couple more minutes and called Rhymes-with-Tennis's mom, because RWT rides Pete's bus too. Her line was busy. So I hung up and turned off the stove and stood in the window and wondered what to do next. Then the phone rang. It was RWT's mom. She was a step behind me, calling the school while I was calling her. We looked up the number for the transportation center and both called. The message at the beginning said that if you were calling about a late bus you should call the school. Since I'd already done that, I waited and when they picked up, I said, "I already called the school and no one answered. My daughter is usually home an hour ago and she's not here yet. Can you help me?" and the lady said, "Is it [Pete's school]?" and I said, "Yes!" and she said, "There's a delay. Hang on," and put me on hold. She came back on after a couple of minutes and asked what our stop was and put me on hold again when I told her. When she came back again she said, "They're 5 minutes away." I was so relieved I didn't even think to ask what had happened until I'd hung up, but I knew Pete would know (another bus broke down and they had to help with that). Then RWT's mom called back and when DH was talking to her, the bus came so we could tell her that RWT would be home soon because RWT's stop is next, I think. And when Pete came in, I smooshed her in a great big hug, and she looked all grown up to be getting home after her daddy. And WHEW! That sucked! I reminded Pete that she doesn't have to take the bus, but she still wants to...


NotAMeanGirl said...

God... I would have been panicked! I can't imagine Shecky being late like that. Thankfully he's a car rider and not a bus rider. (He says the bus takes to long to get him home lol) I'm glad everything worked out ok and Pete was safe! Hug her tight for me.

Mommy's Nintendo said...

I was literally one step away from panicking! Thank goodness the lady at the bus center knew where they were!

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