Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It Wasn't All Bad

There were some nice parts of vacation, too. So you know.

We saw pelicans.
The view from our room (on the 21st floor) looked like this.
Except for the last morning when it looked like this.
And I got coffee here. It was the only real cup of coffee I had on vacation. It was pretty good. Husbandguy doesn't drink coffee but couldn't pass up the hot chocolate.
Lulu loved the beach. She remembers it even now. She'll tell you it was cold, and the other day, when Husbandguy got her into her jacket and shoes to go shopping or something, she yelled, "Oshen!" all excited and looked genuinely disappointed when Husbandguy said we weren't going there. Pete played mini golf with me and she won. That was Super Fun. And I ordered a dinner I wouldn't normally order because it had asparagus and it was really good and Lulu didn't throw up that time. That was the only time, though. And I took a TON of really great pictures of my family on the beach. There's this super cute one of the girls in their heavy coats standing right at the edge of the water. And I saw a dolphin that surfaced again one more time so I could show Pete.

And also, Lulu is feeling better now. She hasn't thrown up in several days and her cough is way better. We held off on the doctor because she was a lot better yesterday.

Everyone goes back to school/work/etc. tomorrow. I enjoyed (most of) our vacation. I'm looking forward to our Real Life now.

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