Friday, April 24, 2009

What's the Term for This?

Husbandguy has no use for church. Even the UU church, which is in some ways designed to attract people who have no use for church. When I started going in January, he actually seemed kind of annoyed that I had this new thing, this new pointless and useless thing, to do and wasn't particularly helpful with getting me ready and out the door. He couldn't have cared less. Even when I took Pete with me and didn't leave him to "babysit" both of the girls on his day off (don't get me started about days off - that's another issue for a person whose job is 24/7).

This past Sunday, I decided to take both girls with me because our UU church now offers a RE class for 2-3 year-olds and Lulu wouldn't have to be in the nursery with the babies for a hour-and-a-half. She could participate in something. That appealed to me and she was interested. But when Sunday morning actually came around, Pete and Lulu were more interested in playing than getting ready to go. I wasn't pushing it. I didn't feel like there was any reason to freak out about it. They knew that I was going and that they needed to get around if they wanted to go, and if they didn't want to go, they didn't have to because they could stay home with HG. Not a big deal. Why stress?

You should have seen HG, though. He was in SuperDad mode. He got the girls wrangled and interested in getting dressed and made them breakfast and found their shoes and sweaters. He was all for (almost) everyone going to church. To him, it was not optional for them to miss it. He even put on his own shoes and zoomed his car out from behind mine in the driveway (normally I have to move his car myself so I can get out). I am pretty sure that the last time he was so accommodating I was giving birth.

But I can't think of the word. Is it hypocrisy? That seems kind of harsh. But it's accurate. He finds value in attending church when it affords him some alone time. So much so that he bounds (yes, BOUNDS) out of his normally blase mantle, dons his jersey with the big "D" for Dad on the chest, and magically motivates two young children to put down their toy pots and pans and eat a bowl of cereal.

As much as I appreciate it when he helps me, I'm a little bit annoyed that it seems like there has to be something in it for him.


The Grandpa said...

Oh, com'on. He's just being helpful. The fact that he got some peace and total down time out of it, that just might be Karma.

Mommy's Nintendo said...

Maybe, TG. It was just so very different from all the other Sunday mornings...

PSPants said...

I am somewhat reminded of the weekend you got the last installment of Harry Potter. I think perhaps that he behaves like this because you allow him to! Maybe you should come spend a few days in Hotlanta without him (and them!) and let him fare by himself a little bit; might raise his awareness of your work load!!

septembermom said...

Anything that gets a husband motivated to move out of his chair is a good thing! I think there are a lot of husbands who look to get something out of pitching in.

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