Sunday, April 19, 2009

repost from last year (better than nothing, right?)

The Monster Under My Bed

There’s a monster under my bed.
It’s furry with big orange paws.
Did you see it?
The tip of a whisker?
The orange tail?
The claws?!
It is really very frightening.
I’m scared!
Oh, what should I do?
I can hear it growling
And moving around under there too!!
Wait a minute...
Hold on…
What do you think?
How about that?
The growling sounds a lot like purring…
Silly me! It’s just my CAT!


Marty said...

Not "Better than nothing" this is GREAT!

p.s. Why do you think we still read Green Eggs and Ham after all these years.

The Grandpa said...

I liked this one last year too. Nice work with the rhymes.

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