Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Check out septembermom's pantoum. You'll be glad you did!

I admit that I hadn't heard of pantoums before, but after reading hers, I had to try it myself. It turns out that it is the perfect form for the suggested topic from a couple of days ago.

The Girls at the Beach in December

They wade in for wet sand
Chasing the waves away.
Castles grow and are toppled,
Chased away by waves.

They chase the waves away
With the sound of girlish giggles.
Then the waves chase them away,
Shrieking, laughing. “Help me, Daddy!”

With the sound of girlish giggles
They leave dainty footprints in the sand.
“Help me, Daddy!” they shriek, laughing
As they scatter the gulls into the wind.

Just because there's only a week and a day left in National Poetry Month, that doesn't mean you can't still get in on our poem-a-day fun. I challenge you, whether you consider yourself a writer or not, to post as many poems between now and the end of this month (and then as much as you are able when the month ends).


The Grandpa said...

Nice job. I'm going to send you one of mine as a guest post.

45 and Aspiring said...

I like it very much. Nicely done.
Hey. . .Wordle is up for a Webby award. . .

septembermom said...

Thank you for mentioning me in your post! You did an excellent job with this pantoum!!! I love it :) I feel like I can hear their girlish giggles.

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