Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crazy 8's

Septembermom tagged me! I can't remember the last time I was tagged. Now I feel all special and whatever. Thank you, sm!

Here's my meme. It's lists of things in 8's:

8 Things That I'm Looking Forward To
  1. Pete's piano recital
  2. Lulu's 3rd birthday
  3. my PhD appointment, week after next
  4. strawberry picking
  5. the principal's coffee this friday
  6. baking for the principal's coffee this friday
  7. ...45aA's birthday weekend
  8. lunch (and dinner - I always look forward to my next meals)
8 Things I Did Yesterday
  1. Target
  2. gave Lulu a piano lesson
  3. listened to Pete's piano lesson
  4. searched the crayon box with Pete for recyclable crayons for a project at her school
  5. talked to the Grandpa about his awesome surprise commenter
  6. talked Lulu into actually napping
  7. cleaned the kitchen floor
  8. played Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass
8 Things I Wish I Could Do
  1. commit to writing more
  2. take piano lessons
  3. speak Spanish fluently
  4. work from home
  5. garden
  6. have a dog
  7. join the ensemble choir but not the full choir
  8. not be nervous to drive on the interstate
8 Shows I Watch
  1. The Amazing Race
  2. Chuck
  3. How I Met Your Mother
  4. Eureka
  5. All My Children
  6. Better Off Ted
  7. Dancing with the Stars (this season)
  8. The Daily Show (when I can stay awake)
8 People I Tag
  1. you
  2. and you and
  3. you and
  4. you
  5. you
  6. you
  7. and you
  8. and you. (maybe I'd get tagged more if I actually tagged people... hmm...)


septembermom said...

What a great list! I forgot all about listing Chuck. I love that show. I used to watch All My Children. I miss following that one. I share many of your items on your to do wish list!! Glad to have this chance to know you better:)

septembermom said...

I just wanted to let you know that I took a shot at writing a pantoum poem today. April is going by fast. I hope I can keep getting ideas for poems :)

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