Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Terrible 2's-days

I think someone
Turned off your ears
Or at least the part
Of your brain
That hears.

I just said,
"Don't close the door.
"Don't tear that paper.
"Please sit down.
"Get up off the floor."

You're there though
On the other side of the door,
Tearing your sister's notebook,
Jumping on the wobbly chair,
And smearing yourself all over the floor.

I think
I need
You to
Nap now.

April is National Poetry Month so, in honor of that, several other writers and I are posting a poem-a-day for the whole month. If you decide to post a poem too, let me know and I'll post a link so we can all read it.


The Grandpa said...

Nicely done.

septembermom said...

Those terrible twos keep you hopping all day! Great topic for a poem. I'll be getting back on the poetry bandwagon hopefully tomorrow. I did post a haiku a couple of days ago.

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