Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poems in Our Pockets

What poem did you pick to carry with you today? You should check out Rene over at Not The Rockefellers. She's always got a poem in her pocket!

I chose A.A. Milne's "Vespers" and Pete is carrying her "Pocket Song." When I asked Lulu what poem she wanted to carry, she said, "I love Mother Goose," and since I knew she was referring to the whole collection and not the nursery rhyme called "Mother Goose," we narrowed that down to "Humpty Dumpty" (click on the title and check out the little history lesson below the rhyme). And of course, Husbandguy is characteristically disinterested.

So? What have you got in your pocket?

1 comment:

PSPants said...

My challenge is that I don't have pockets in the jammies that I am wearing today! Perhaps I will rectify this later on, when I decide (which I likely will) to shower and get dressed.

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