Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Closer and Closer to the End


Sisyphus was grateful
For the break...
While the rock rolled,
He rested.
For only a moment, I know.
Then back to the push.

Or was he tempted
To tumble down after the rock?
Always easier going downhill...


45 and Aspiring said...

Nicely done. . . but it makes me a bit sad. . . does it you? Or is it just the state I'm in?

septembermom said...

Would've been much more fun for Sisyphus! Enjoyable poem :)

Marty said...

I tell the story of Sisyphus in Chapter I of my novel (thankfully on in verse) ... I think he takes his time going back for the rock.

Marty said...

That was supposed to be NOT in verse.


Mommy's Nintendo said...

We knew what you meant, Marty! ;D

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