Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moomie: Guest Poet Extraordinaire

My friend considers April First
As his own special holiday;
In times gone by you wouldn't know
What kind of tricks he just might play;
But now the structured working world
So frequently gets in the way.

No more clocks turned up-side down,
No more squirrels a-dangling,
No more phone lines switched around,
No more chair wheels jangling!

Still its fun to think about
The cheerful days back then -
When my friend worked til 2 AM
To get done 'fore openin'
And then for all to laugh and sigh
While tangles we were sortin'.

Happy April Fools Day!!

Thank you, Moomie, for starting off the guest poet-ing. I look forward to more!!

1 comment:

septembermom said...

What a fun poem with lots of spirit! Great guest post :)

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