Monday, March 9, 2009

2 Declarations, a Confession, and a Wish List

Hi! I'm ready to tell you these 2 things. I believe I am actually committed to these 2 things.
  • THING 1: Lulu is Potty Trained. She has accepted that Pull Ups are only for sleeping in and abandoned her lunch yesterday for an unprompted potty break. She needed to go and she went. And now the Grandpa will babysit for us!
  • THING 2: I don't eat pigs or cows anymore. I had hesitated to mention that I was considering this before now because I wasn't sure I could do it, but I've been red and other-white meat free for a week now and am really enjoying it. HG and the girls are not with me on this. Well, they support me. But they're not joining me. That's okay. It's not about them. For the moment I still eat poultry and fishy-things. Baby steps, I say. Although I've had several meals in the past week that were totally animal-meat-free. Eventually I should be able to declare myself a vegetarian, but I don't think it will be so easy to become a vegan. I like dairy too much.

And now I must confess that I had pudding for breakfast this morning. Rice pudding. Actually brown rice pudding with maple syrup and vanilla. Homemade of course. That's okay, right? It's breakfasty.

Now for the wish list. I would like to have:

  • berry bushes in my yard
  • a food dehydrator
  • a rice cooker (because I never get it right on the stove top unless I use the boil-in-bag kind, which are actually very convenient for rice pudding cravings)
  • many, many yummy, high-iron, meatless recipes (if you've got those, will you share with me please?)
  • another visit with the Grandpa and Meme (I'm working on that - the snow days, all 3 of them, are making it hard to plan).

I hope your day is productive and healthy. And fun! Now I'm going to go vacuum. WHO AM I?!


Tami said...

I agree that it can be hard to quit eating meat "cold turkey" and I think its great that you've begun to reduce your meat intake. Cutting out meat even once a week lowers your risk for many preventable illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.
I just started working for a non-profit campaign called Meatless Monday which tries to educate Americans about the environmental and health benefits of removing meat from their diets once a week. We have lots of tasty recipes in the archive on our website which will hopefully help make the transition easier. You can find them at Good Luck!

45 and Aspiring said...

Wow. These are all good things. And like you, I'm wondering. . . WHO ARE YOU?? :)

It would be terrific to see you. When you come, you canlook at my Moosewood cookbook; it has good stuff in it. For iron, throw in any dark leafy green.

I too want berry bushes in my yard.

Mom gave us a rice cooker. It is a good thing. Sometimes it does stick, but I think that's because of holding it heating. It washes out well. I recommend them. It will cook different kinds of rice magically--like red rice, so gives you more to experiment with. And it's not as "wet" as boil in a bag.

What's wrong with rice pudding for breakfast? Did you throw in some fruit? It's like creamy cereal, no??

My word verification: I what??

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