Sunday, March 1, 2009

That's Not Right!

Okay. I live in The South, you know? But I used to live in The Northeast, grew up there, really. I learned to drive on snowy streets and am familiar with snow in March, even April, possibly early May. However, I have been Here for almost 16 years and have been comfortable with spring coming early and winter weather ending the instant we change the calendar from pink hearts to green shamrocks. I have even declared, out loud and confidently, that "winter" is over on March 1st around here.

Now, check the date on this post. See? It should be spring, right? If you go by me. Tonight, though, my seasonal truths have been shattered. Smashed. Crumbled into a million tiny pieces. Look at that picture. I took it just now. The white specks aren't dust on the lens. Those are more snow falling. And it's going to keep falling for the next 6 to 7 hours! Today. The unofficial first day of spring at my house.

And tomorrow will be an honest-to-goodness snow day, for sure (not like last time). At least that will be fun. If not quite right...

1 comment:

CandCFamily said...

Wonder if the snow will make it up this way. It really isn't right. I think I may be the only one around here that likes snow days though. Good kid snuggle time. Love them!

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