Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where'd I Go?

The specialty pharmacy that I have to use to get my MS medication faxed a refill request to my doctor's office the other day and got this response: "Not our patient." Yeah. Um, nooo. That's not right. I've only been your patient for the past 13+ years and you've only been faxing this prescription to this particular pharmacy for 2(?) years (and other pharmacies for many, many more years).

What gets me, though, is that clearly there was a mistake made and no one bothered to double check or get in touch with me, not the doctor's office or the pharmacy. If they had done either of those things, it would have been straightened out lickety-split because nobody knows how to advocate for me better than I. Practice makes perfect, you know.

So I told Husbandguy that I'm just going to have to get cured of this pain-in-the-brain disease because that would be the easiest and best thing to do. Wish me luck!


septembermom said...

It's sad how hard it is to find good customer service these days. It is really ridiculous that they didn't call you. You're right to be annoyed. 45 and Aspiring suggested that I come by and visit your blog! I'm glad that I did. I enjoyed reading some of your posts! Good luck with the pharmacy and keep up the great, fighting attitude. You are your best advocate!!!

Maria Rose said...

Yikes, that's weird. I wonder if there was a new staff person?

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