Friday, March 20, 2009

Can It Still Be Called a Coffee?

Remember last month when nobody knew about the Principal's Coffee and only 1 person showed up? This morning was the next one. To avoid a repeat of last month, I sent out a note on the message board last week, which was picked up by the PTA communications person and forwarded to everyone, and our principal mentioned it in her newsletter last week instead of this week, giving everyone time to plan. And it worked. There were quite a few parents and grandparents there. Except, this time? There wasn't any coffee! AAAAAAA!!! Well, at first there wasn't. But I tracked down our FANTASTIC, life-saving head custodian, and he had it brewing in minutes, and it was ready before most of the people showed up, although not at the beginning.

My fear-of-failure problem, which we've talked about before (just click the PhD label below to read more about that), made it difficult not to blame myself for the lack of the second main ingredient at these gatherings (the principal is the main ingredient). Damn it! I screwed up 2 months in a row!! But I think I'm the only one who blames me because it's not actually my fault, and I was able to fix the problem this morning without any actual trouble (thanks to Mr. M). And just like last month I have learned from the mistake and left Mr. M a note with the date of the next coffee before I came home, which will go perfectly because what else can go wrong? Uh-oh. I bet I just jinxed it...

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