Sunday, March 22, 2009


2 things today. just random. about people you don't know. for the most part...

A male friend and I were talking and he commented on how he doesn't mind when his kids call him Mom because that just indicates to him that the care-giver role is blurred in their family. I'm not saying that clearly, but you get what he means, right? Mom and Dad are interchangeable and so both fill the same role. Anyway. I was thinking about that later and remembered that there were a few times, when we had Howie, that Pete called me Howie and I wish I'd remembered that when my friend and I were talking because I would have liked to know what he thought that indicated about our family. What do you think it means?

(I guess this second thing is actually about Husbandguy and me, but it starts with a story about someone you don't know) A different friend got her hair cut recently, and she told me she was angry about it because the stylist cut it too short and took a really long time doing it (so long that my friend had to miss her yoga class). My reaction to her story was, "That sucks!" and I offered to be angry about it with her if that would help. When I told HG about it later, he had a very different reaction. He said, "Why didn't she stop her from cutting it so short?" again demonstrating how different we really are. Me: I'm sorry that happened to you. Him: It's your own fault. In this situation it was funny. When he does it to me it drives me nuts!

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Mommy T said...

It's not just HG...I think it is men in general. Women tend to be more emotional and that is how we often connect. Men not so much and things with them often seem to be pretty black and white. Really it does to help balance us women.... most times.

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