Monday, December 29, 2008

Why I Like Husbandguy (or He's Actually Cooler than I Make Him Seem)

When we (the family and I) were at the Grandpa and Meme's house recently, TG commented on the fact that I'm not particularly flattering in my portrayals of HG here on TIBM. He's somewhat right. But when I clicked on the HG tag, I pulled up a bunch of posts about the cool stuff he does, like print signs for the PTA on the plotter at his old job or drive Lulu to the emergency room in the middle of the night or do all the driving when my medicine makes me sick or take the girls to his mom's for Mother's Day Eve and morning so I could have a night off or build me a bookcase in the back of the unusable kitchen cabinet for my cookbooks. Still, though, being that he's not particularly expressive and doesn't like my dog, sometimes he does come across cranky or insensitive or uninteresting in my posts. So here's my tribute to him to make up for that.

Why I like HG:
  • He's a great dad. I knew when I married him that he was good with kids (thanks for that PSP), and he still continues to confirm that. Sometimes he is impatient and gets aggravated and yells because our girls are at aggravating, frustrating, patience-trying ages, both of them, and I get like that too. But mostly he reads to them endlessly and cuts up their food and they use him like a jungle gym and he watches their TV shows (sometimes when football is on). He teases them and jokes with them and tucks them in at night (we share this job). He knows what they like and who their friends and teachers are. He's proud of them and they adore him.
  • He's a loving husband. I can't remember if I commented recently on how he drove me to my first PhD appointment and I was surprised to learn that he actually wanted to drive me there. I assumed that he drove me places because I asked him to and that he didn't really want to, but I learned that day that I was wrong. It was inconvenient for him because he had to find some way to kill an hour since he couldn't come in with me, but he did it because he wanted to. He doesn't do all the things some guys do. There are a couple of things he doesn't do that I wish he would, but he does other things, like open jars and get irritated along with me at the mail-order pharmacy and defer to my preferences when picking restaurants or TV shows or wall colors or baby names or pets (frequently).
  • He's smart and funny and he gets my jokes and he likes my family and he drives us to see TG and Meme and he walks my dog when I really need him to.
  • He's likeable. Other people really like HG. I think that's awesome.

I think he's awesome.

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The Grandpa said...

Nice. HG is a great guy.

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