Saturday, December 27, 2008

I've Been Looking Back

I've been reviewing my posts from this year and I was struck by how much my girls have grown. Like every mom who takes the time to look back, right?

Being with them every day, I don't notice what a big difference there is in their skills, tastes, and knowledge from just a few months ago. Unless I take the time to notice, which I do, but not often enough. Both Pete's and Lulu's language skills have improved so much this year. Reading, writing, speaking, comprehending. My girls have always been gifted verbally (just a little bragging - forgive me), but the strides they've both made this year have amazed even me, their mom, who knows they're both geniuses. I'm so impressed by Pete that I bought her Little Women for Christmas. She's a year younger than I was when I first read it and may not think she's quite ready, but I know she can do it and want to give her the chance. They're both so much more confident in what they like and don't like. And they're able to tell me why, most of the time, if they don't like something.

They're also growing physically, obviously, and I have to make an effort to notice that, too. Pete's tall enough to ride a bunch of roller coasters and is losing the kindergarten pudge her doctor expressed concern about at her last check up. Lulu's not a toddler anymore. She's also lost some pudge - that baby fat that's so cute on teeny toddlers - and is so much more a little kid than a baby. It's adorable and beautiful and a little sad (but in a good way).

I'm sure ther are those of you who are thinking I should stop looking back and just look forward and you're half right. I should look forward too, and I do. But I like to look back. I don't dwell in the past. I relish it, and my girls enjoy when I retell it. I'm helping them build memories by talking to them about mine and about theirs. That's important. Memories matter. That's why I started blogging.

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