Friday, December 19, 2008

My Reality TV Show

Normally I don't wish I had a camera crew following me around all the time, but this morning I did wish that because something Super Precious happened and I was nowhere near my camera but if the camera crew was here filming my reality TV show, I would have video of it.

Lulu had just opened her "Meme present" (her words) from the snowman calendar. Today she got the little cut-out figurines you see in the picture above. She was very pleased. Then this happened:

LL: You want to see this?
MN: Sure!
LL (standing the princess and castle up facing each other and saying as the princess waddled toward the castle): The princess walked up to the castle and knocked on the door (the princess tapped on the castle - with Lulu's help). Knock, knock, knock... But nobody answered.

And there was more to the story - the story that my 2 year-old made up on the spot about her brand new toys, but I don't remember it exactly because nobody was recording it! Where can I hire a camera crew?! I hate not being able to share this stuff with other people. It's not the same when you write it down. Especially when you don't remember it exactly. I wonder how awkward it would be to carry my camera with me at every moment...

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45 and Aspiring said...

So sorry we missed out on this one! Those do seem like they have the possibility of many 2 year old stories within in--the exact intent of the gift!

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