Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Recipe Wanted

I posted this yesterday, but no one responded so I'm moving it to today in case you guys just missed it...

Okay. Husbandguy did like the gingerbread, but it was more molasses-y than gingerbread-y so I'm going to have to try again. I admit that I didn't follow the recipe, but the changes I made wouldn't have made a big enough difference for me to try that recipe again in hopes of getting a more gingery gingerbread. So, if you have a good gingerbread recipe (Moomie?) and wouldn't mind sharing it, would you post it in comments for me? If I get a chance to make it, I'll definitely tell you if HG likes yours.


Maria Rose said...

I wish I did have a good recipe for you, sorry.

Moomie said...

Sending one via regular EMail.

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