Thursday, December 4, 2008

A New Project!

I've started my search for Lulu's first real school. Where she goes right now is fine. For right now. But this kid is really smart and the place she goes to now tells you straight up that they aren't an academic program, that they focus on social skills, and Lulu needs more than that. Also, they say grace before lunch, which I should have known they did when I put her there, since the program is in a church, and that is great for the families that want that and I don't think they should stop or anything, but I'm done with it and feel like it's time for something else. That's coming out all jumbled up, but you get it. Right? If I don't care for my child having to say grace then I should move her to a school where she won't be required to do that. Shut up, MN. Move on!

Lulu is guaranteed a spot at the school Pete goes to but not until she's 4. I thought it would be good for her to have a year of Montessori under her tiny little belt before then. So I started, this week, looking at Montessori schools. There are a few around here. The one Pete went to, one near where Husbandguy works now, and a couple more. I found this really amazing-sounding program with all the usual Montessori stuff - language, math, science, practical life, music, grace and courtesy - and more - cooking, nature walks, etc. It sounds like my understanding of Maria Montessori's original idea. But it's for ages 3 to 6 and there are only 15 spaces and it's really hard to get into because siblings of children already enrolled in the elementary school get priority. They do have a program for regular children, though, and it has more openings so I've made an appointment to visit.

And there's another school that's not Montessori but might be a good choice. I know several children who went/are going there, and they're all amazing little kids. Their program sounds very progressive and child-centric and definitely worth a look.

This probably isn't as interesting for you as it is for me, but there you go.

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The Grandpa said...

I found it fascinating, but then I'm biased. I do have one question though:

"They do have a program for regular children..."

What are regular children?

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