Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Cute Title for this Life or Death Post

We suck. We really do. Before the dog, when we went away for a long weekend like the one we just had, we would pay the 12 year-old down the street $5 to $10 to feed the sweet little kitty who has lived outside our house for the last 5½ years. But this time, we forgot all about that. I took care of boarding the dog, and Husbandguy left the cat a bowl full of food, but we really should have had someone come by at least once and give her a little more food, and we didn't. We suck. And now she's missing. We haven't seen her since we got back. HG has been putting food in her bowl, and it's being eaten, but we have at least 1 opossum and a few other neighborhood cats around here so there's no way to be certain who's eating it. I don't think it's our kitty. And I'm worried. And feeling a little guilty...

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

My mother would say that this cat is not your Lazarus. Unless that's her name. Which I sort of doubt. Outside cats are interlopers, remember? They "go to college" sometimes, ask my brother. She'll come back if she wants to, or else she is happily living elsewhere now. It's okay. Quit borrowing trouble!!!

What did you do with the dog for your trip? Did you have to kennel him? Did he behave?

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