Thursday, February 14, 2008

Someone Poisoned the Egg Pie! And Pete's Valentine Poem

Egg pie is actually crustless quiche, which is not the same as a fritatta. Pete likes egg pie so I made one the other day and had leftovers for lunch yesterday and then spent the evening um... let's just say being sick (you don't really need details, do you?). I'm thirsty this morning and can't take my steroids like I'd planned to do today, but also I'm starting to feel a little bit hungry. I wonder what kind of crackers we have...


Pete's Valentine Poem

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I hope you have a happy Valentines Day.
I hope you like this poem too.

Unfortunately Pete can't find the original copy of her poem and had to recite it for me instead of me being able to read it. She swears it was in her book bag. I suspect that it might have been in a clothes pocket or something and went through the laundry, though, because there were little bits of red and white paper in the medium color load I just put in the dryer. She'll be very disappointed when I tell her. But it's a great poem nonetheless. Right?

1 comment:

The Grandpa said...

No one poisoned Pete's Valentine poem. It's really nice.

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