Friday, February 29, 2008

Just Blame the Baby

This morning I was in the bathroom and I needed paper and the roll was empty (I said that as delicately as I could; you get it, right?). So I looked around because sometimes if someone is in a hurry they might just set a roll on the counter or back of the toilet or somewhere nearby. But there was nothing. So I had to get up and cross the bathroom to the linen closet where we keep the extra paper. Later, when I asked Husbandguy about it, he blamed Lulu. Who doesn't use toilet paper. And who doesn't know where we keep the extra. And who is not yet 2 years old. And he meant it! He wasn't kidding. He was really saying that my toddler was at fault for the toilet paper not being replaced. As an apology he said this, "I'm sorry you didn't have any toilet paper." !! Jerk!

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