Friday, February 22, 2008

Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Pete is doing her first official piano thing since starting with a real teacher. We're going to a local university where she'll go into a room by herself with a judge (and a monitor, her teacher said) and play two pieces from memory and get a score. I did this when I took lessons except this is some different organization than the one I did. Pete will do that later in the year, I think. I liked doing the "auditions" because they always gave me good scores, which made me feel good about my piano. I'm hoping that Pete will have a similar experience. We went out in the bad weather last night and bought her a new dress and some gold shoes (that she's not ever allowed to wear to school because the toes of Montessori kids' shoes get all beat up from working on the floor) because this is a big deal and she should be confident that she looks as grown up as we are expecting her to be.

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the grandpa said...

Wow. All ready. I'll be thinking about you Pete!

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