Friday, February 8, 2008


This morning, Lulu was having her Cheerios in her Snowman bowl and it inspired me to whistle (whistle, not sing) "Let It Snow." Guess what Lulu did! She sang along!! "Netih sno, netih sno, netih snow," she sang. How did she know?!

Also, Pete's class learned "You Are My Sunshine" yesterday in music, and Pete sang it for me this morning. The whole thing! Moomie, if you think of it, ask her to sing it for you this weekend. It's wonderful to listen to. I had to sing the "you-are-my" part at the beginning to help her remember how it started, but then she sang the whole thing. She just learned it yesterday!

We like singing in this house. Everyone sings. Except Husbandguy. And that's just because he doesn't think he can, but I bet he could if he tried. He does like to listen to Lulu and Pete sing, though. Most of the time. Not when Pete is singing "opera"...

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S-Man Mommy said...

This is great! Funny....I sing you are my sunshine to my new little one all the time :) Must be something that runs in the family.

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