Monday, February 18, 2008

My Turn Yet?

Remember I thought I had food poisoning Wednesday? I waited until Friday morning to take my steroids because of it, which worked out okay because that way I was able to enjoy Pete's best friend-who's-a-boy's birthday party on Saturday. I planned to crash on Sunday and Monday, when Husbandguy would be home still (holiday, you know) and could look after the girls. Except that the food poisoning turned out to be a virus that DH caught and so was out of commission all day Sunday. My day to crash and recover. And not have to be The Mom. So being less sick (and also the stronger of the two of us, except when lifting) I got to Power Through and spend the day looking after my girls. A job I enjoy. Usually. When I'm not all feeling like my skull is WAY bigger than my brain. Luckily we didn't need to drive anyone anywhere. Today, Monday, DH is "better," but being the Man has spent the day complaining about how weak he is, blah, blah, blah, "not 100%," etc. He did drive us to Build-A-Bear this morning because he'd promised Pete we'd go yesterday. And he said he'll clean the kitchen in a little bit. And he okayed ordering pizza for dinner instead of me cooking. I'm not really sure what I'm complaining about. He didn't get sick on purpose, I know. I just feel slighted, I guess, because I have to plan when I take my steroids around everyone's schedule so I can successfully recover without making anyone miss anything and I'm just not getting to this time. And I can't do it tomorrow because I have to host another principal's coffee...

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Yes, bless you all, I know this ailment well. Beanie got it first (remember? He was sick for days!), then PH, who threw up in his bed and got (aspiration?) pneumonia, and then Husband and I both had it in turn after that. It's been a suck weekend. But I am miraculously strong because mine went away (fever and all) in six hours, and Husband has had his for three days... hmmm... I'm sorry you guys had a weekend like that- major bummer! hope all are well soon!

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