Thursday, February 28, 2008

Said About Pete:

At Pete's lesson, the first thing her teacher said to her was, "I am soooooo proud of you!" Then she showed us the judge's comments from her audition this weekend. About "Wee Small Bear" the judge said, "Beautifully curved fingertips! I like the way you count so carefully. Great contrast between legato and staccato notes!!" and about "Butterflies and Rainbows" she said, "I can tell you worked hard on this piece! Again, great counting I am so proud of the way you curve your fingertips and connect your notes." and about Pete's teacher she said, "Great teaching!" We all agree with Pete's teacher that we're sooooooo proud of her.

For the guild, Pete has chosen to do the full audition: 7 memorized pieces, sightreading, ear-training, and transposing. Go Pete!


the grandpa said...

That's Great!

When's the Guild? That seems like a lot of work for her first year of lessons. When did you start doing the Guild auditions?

Mommy's Nintendo said...

The guild is in May. She already knows all of her pieces except for one, and we'll have to practice singing a major scale and transpose one of her pieces. We have time. She also has time to change her mind if she doesn't want to do it all. She can play as many or as few pieces as she wants. It's her choice.

I didn't do the guild until we were in NH.

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