Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm One of the Cool Kids Now! (and you can be too...)

This morning I was part of a meeting with the principal at Pete's school about the difficulties Pete's class is having this year with Normalization. That's the Montessori term for coming together as a Peaceful Classroom Community. It's been rough so far. And to add to her teacher's troubles, the assistant teacher quit late fall and so Pete's teacher has kind of been on her own for a couple of months. She is a highly capable veteran Montessori teacher, but to have a difficult class and then to lose your assistant? Come on! Poor Teacher!

So some of the other cool kids (kids=moms) and I sat down with the principal today to talk about the difficulties and the way it's impacting our children and what the school is doing and, most importantly, how we can help. And it was very productive. I got questions answered that I didn't even know I wanted to ask! And I might have figured out what's contributing to Pete's sleepwalking, which has been almost nightly for the last month or more and which happened at Moomie's on Saturday (sorry we didn't prepare you, Moomie). And I think I've signed up to help out in Pete's classroom during the next few weeks until they finalize the new assistant. I'm a little worried about how I'll do at that, but as one of the cool kids, I feel like I'm supposed to do it. And I want to. And if I just do it, I'll do fine.

See? I wasn't cool before because I was afraid I'd be bad at something and so I never did anything and never had the chance to be part of the cool stuff and have people say thank you to me for things like organizing a meeting with the principal that wasn't even my idea in the first place but was really needed.

You want to be cool with me? Just get involved! It's not actually that hard. And you might be surprised (I was) at how easy it is to do something you can feel good about and that makes other people feel good and then you feel even better because those people thank you. (That's my PSA for the week.)

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