Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm Not Laughing AT Him...

I'm laughing because of him. Usually Husbandguy is very calm, low-key, hard-to-anger, level-headed. On Sunday, though, he tried to go outside to grill the burgers we were having for dinner. To get there, he had to go through the playroom, which looks like someone came through with a giant blender so getting through it can be kind of tricky. Once he made it to the door, he tried to open the sliding screen door, but it's broken and doesn't slide anymore. Let me just say that the door had been open, the screen door, for weeks until Sunday afternoon when DH closed it. So the fact that he had to get through it to get outside was his own doing. He was already frustrated about the condition of the playroom, and the fact that he couldn't actually get outside after the perilous 6-foot trek made it worse. He stood there wrestling with the door for a little while and then, in a very uncharacteristic way, finally just ripped it off the track and tossed it up against the side of the house. I didn't laugh at the time because he was so irritated, but every time I think about it now I have to giggle. My husband, The Incredible Hulk. I reminded him about it yesterday and he claimed he didn't think it was funny, but he was laughing inside.

I think I'll clean the playroom today. It's Pete's job, but it's mostly Lulu's mess. So I'll do it.

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Is the playroom the room between the kitchen and the living room? Where the piano is? We have issues with the cleanliness of the "computer room" or "front room", which is supposed to be the room that is serene and comfortable for reading and playing piano and stuff like that, but which has exploded to become the room where all the scraps from the Secret Project are laid out in important piles, there are two desks chock FULL of computer junk, papers EVERYWHERE and a rocking chair smack in the middle of the room. THE MIDDLE. I think we all have a room like that... but my mom's coming, so mine will be put to rights by her then.

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