Friday, February 15, 2008

Lulu and the Cookie

The other day I was having trouble getting Lulu to sit in her high chair. She kept standing in it, which makes me nervous because she's so wiggly and one time she almost fell out (she fell into her food instead and got ketchup all over her face, which made her unhappy - but not enough to not stand in her chair anymore). So she stood up one time while she was eating her cookie and I said, "Sit down while you eat your cookie or I'll take it away," and when she didn't sit down, I stood up and started moving toward her and she took the cookie and quickly stuffed the whole thing in her mouth! Husbandguy laughed, of course, and I admit that I did too. Since I couldn't take the cookie, though, I made her get down instead, which made her unhappy (but not enough to not stand in her chair again). Maybe I'll see if those strappy buckle things might keep her sitting...

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