Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mom's Academy for Brilliant Children

Pete is a graduate of MABC. She only attended part-time, but I like to think it did her some good. She's an advanced reader, one of the better readers in her kindergarten class. She's counted to 1100, 1-100 at a time. And she talks like a grown-up when she's not having one of her Six-Year-Old Moments. Then she says things like, "Humph!" She didn't learn that at MABC. I think she might be thought of as our Assistant Instructor.

Lulu is currently attending MABC. She could be considered a full-time student, I think, even though she spends 3 mornings a week off-campus. This week we have been working on Capital A, the color Yellow, and Name Recognition. If you write a bunch of names, including hers, on a piece of paper or whatever, she can pick out hers. And she'll spell it for you; although I'm not sure she realizes that's what she's doing. She seems to enjoy it. She gets to play games and color with Mommy. It's not like work! She also talks like a grown-up when she's not having a Six-Year-Old Moment. Having Pete as the Assistant Instructor has its pros and cons...

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