Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sleeping and Walking

I think I mentioned before that Pete has a problem with sleep walking sometimes. This week, she has done it three nights in a row! We don't know why. The first two nights, she came out to where Husbandguy and I were watching TV and just climbed onto the couch with us. All I had to do was suggest she go back to bed and she went (we tucked her in again both times). But last night she got up and went into her sister's room. !! That made me uncomfortable. I'm not sure why, though. She wouldn't hurt her sister. Except she was asleep and that's really the unknown, isn't it? Husbandguy was right behind her and took her back to bed. She really was asleep. It would be hard for her to fake. She holds her fingers a certain way sometimes, and awake she doesn't know about that. When I asked her this morning, she didn't remember getting up and she didn't remember having a dream about her sister or her sister's room or anything. It's weird. Poor kid! What's the deal?!

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