Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Best Daddy in the World

Right now, Husbandguy is wishing that I was where he is. His second choice would be that we were there together. But being that I am beside myself (see post below) today and that Pete has school tomorrow, I think he gets it that really the only choice is for him to be driving Lulu to the ER for her annual steroid shot for Super Croup. Yes. Annual. It's a tradition now apparently. Although last year the ambulance drove her to the ER and I rode along. It was raining on the way home then, and it sounds like it might be raining on their way home tonight too.

So here's what happened. This morning, Lulu woke up with the croup, you know, that barking seal-like cough that stresses DH out real bad. She was fine all day, as far as I know (she was at school for part of it) until after her nap when she started barking again. Poor kid. It hurts! She doesn't want to cough. We tried warm juice, which always worked for Pete, and we spent a bunch of time in the bathroom with the door closed and the hot water running in spite of the water shortage. Nothing helped so we called the nurse who asked a bunch of questions and then said she (LL) needed to be seen and to be careful and not to speed and to which ER will we be going?

DH didn't want to be the one to do this. He prefers that I handle stuff like this. He adores his girls and would drive them to the moon if they needed it, but he would soooo rather I go along to answer all the questions. And ask them too. But he can handle it, and he will, and he'll maybe be a little more confident next time, and there's no way I'm sleeping until they pull back into our driveway so if he needs me to talk to the doctor at the ER, all he has to do is call. He knows that. And he knows that he's the best daddy in the world. I tell him whenever I think of it. I'm going to tell him tomorrow for sure.


Mommy's Nintendo said...

In case you're wondering: DH just called. He sounded way less anxious. They gave her a shot and are sending her home. Just like last year. Hopefully that's the end of it...

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Oh... I hope she's all better asap... poor Lu!!!

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