Wednesday, November 7, 2007

LL Says:

Apparently Lulu is a UO fan. You know, the ducks? She and Husbandguy were watching some football last Saturday, and DH called to me to come there and hurry. And when I got to where they were sitting, watching UO play, Lulu had her little hands above her head, like the UO fans except her little arms are too short to actually make an "O" above her head, and she was droning, "Ooooooooh..." Just like on the TV. Awww! It was really cute. But that's not all, though. Last night, while I was in the kitchen making tacos and DH wasn't even home yet and there wasn't the slightest hint of football or Oregon to be found anywhere in our home, Lulu waddled into the kitchen with her little fingertips touching together over her head droning, "Oooooooh..." I don't know anything about UO except that their tiny fans sure are cute!

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