Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Whatevers

Paying It Forward

At the grocery store a few minutes ago, I was charging out the door with my cart full of too many groceries in my save-the-world canvas bags, and some lady smiled at me like she was really happy to see me. I felt like I almost ran her over, but she didn't seem to mind. I apologized, of course, but I don't think that was why she smiled at me. I think she was just nice, and it made me smile all the way home. So here, this is for you:

Pay it forward.

Along Those Same Lines

There is a woman at Pete's school, one of the other PTA moms; we'll call her Renee (because that's her name). As long as I've been going to functions where Renee is, she has always hugged me when she sees me. Even last year when neither of us was entirely sure who the other was. I like it. I think that I would be a hugger if I was more assertive. I like hugging.

More About Poo

If any of you who have toddlers who, like mine, aren't quite a year-and-a-half are concerned because your children don't even know what poopoo is to have it in the potty, don't be. There is a big difference between knowing that when you sit on the potty, you should make poopoo and knowing that when you need to make poopoo, you should sit on the potty.

Then There Was this Train

On the way home from the store, I decided to take the short-cut across the railroad tracks, but as soon as I turned the corner to go over the tracks, the red lights started flashing and the gates went down, and since I was already around the corner, I couldn't change my mind and go the long way so I had to wait for the train. But it was a little short train, an Amtrak with an engine and four cars, and it flew through the crossing with its whistle WHOO-WHOO-ing. It was really cool, a little exciting, like when a fire engine goes speeding past with its siren ROO-ROO-ing. That stuff always gets me!

Now you thank me for sharing. I'm going to brush my teeth and make sure we have frozen cherries.

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