Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm Ditching the Meeting

I lied. To the PTA. I told them Husbandguy had to work late and I didn't have a sitter and wouldn't be able to go to the meeting tonight because it wasn't an option to bring my kids. But also, too, I made sure that the things I needed to do to make the meeting successful were done or will be covered by someone else. I could've just left them high and dry with no join-the-pta table or membership forms. So for about 15 minutes around 6:00, I'm going to be feeling guilty and my stomach will get all squeezy, as Pete would say, but that will pass, I'm sure. And also? DH isn't allowed to answer the phone before 7:30, which he'll like.


the grandpa etc said...

Just a tip.

If you had called and simply said "I can't make the meeting. Here are the things you need" amd not given any reason (why do you owe them a reason?) bet your stomach wouldn't feel so squeezy.

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Listen, pal. I think that caller ID is NOT that expensive, and then, then you could answer the phone if you wanted to!!!

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