Friday, November 9, 2007


You know Pete? You know how she's been taking swimming lessons and doing really well? Well, at her last lesson, they evaluated her, and guess what! She's moved up another level, and since there aren't anymore beginner classes higher than the one she just finished, she's not a beginner anymore. She's ADVANCED! Know what that means? That means that she is a better swimmer than I am because I would definitely be in the beginner class if I signed up for lessons. But Husbandguy is soooo NOT a beginner, and so apparently swimming is genetic and she got the gene from him.

I already knew that music is genetic because of the way she's really taken to the piano. Her teacher even said at her last lesson that Pete is better at the note drills than some of her more long-time students.

So she got swimming from DH and piano from me. And she got her looks from her dad (who would have been a beautiful little girl, apparently, if he had Moomie's eyes) and her love of reading from me. And her sense of humor? Well that came from both sides, but those of you from the Grandpa's family will be pleased to know that there is definitely more than a hint of the S Sense of Humor there. Appropriate considering who she's named after...


the grandpa etc said...

I know he'd be proud of her.

htickel said...

I think it is great to carry on the S Sense of Humor :)

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