Monday, November 26, 2007


This past weekend, Pete helped Meme decorate TheGrandpaandMeme's house for Christmas. Meme goes All Out. She has dozens of boxes of decorations. It's cool. And Pete loved every minute of it. She even passed up pie because she wanted to help set up the Christmas village, and Pete never misses dessert. Husbandguy has been charged with bringing out our Christmas stuff from storage because the Christmas Bee is now living in Pete's bonnet. I'll probably have to help, I suppose, because her one complaint about decorating with Meme was that I just watched. I had a good time just watching, though, and it's not like I took a nap or something instead...

And also, our new favorite euphemism is, "I stepped on a frog."

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thegrandpaetc said...

And what a Great job she did!

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