Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Search Terms Used to Find TIBM Are In Bold

You know Mommy's Nintendo? She swears while writing on her itsy bitsy monkey blog one day, she felt an urge to have an itsy bitsy cupcake. So she stepped away from her itsy bitsy monkey blogspot and went in search of one. During her search, it occurred to her that, if her life had a soundtrack, fuge in classic style myaskovsky (spelled correctly, of course) would be appropriate right then. When she turned the corner into the living room, MN came across the strangest thing, a monkey vacuuming! The monkey looked up when MN came into the room and asked how to tell you boss a coworker is late. Apparently, he was supposed to be working that day with a monkey with a deathray. Or at the very least, a sailor monkey. MN didn’t have an answer, as she was wondering herself, “how do i know my baby is smart?” or in other words, "how smart is my baby"? Instead she asked the monkey, who really was an itsy bitsy monkey, if he knew where she might find a cupcake. He did know where to find an itsy bitsy monkey coconut cupcake, but told her to watch out for the space death robots, who were known to have roseola crankiness and were guarding it. The itsy bitsy monkey asked MN if she knew the coconut pete lyrics, as that was the only thing that would soothe the robots’ crankiness. MN said, “You mean the itsy bitsy monkey mommy kiss his knee song?” That was the one so MN headed off to where the monkey said the cupcake and robots could be found. When she got there, the most frightening thing occurred. The robots spotted MN before she could begin to sing and charged at her yelling, “We are the robots from outer…”

But that’s where the story ends because MN doesn’t remember anything after that.

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thegrandpaetc said...

Although I love the story, I have to ask, are we seeing the side effects of monthly steroid therapy?

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