Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rug Burn, Tomato Update, and Other Stuff

So we got this great new carpet that is way better than the icky pink stuff that came with the house. Except that the desk is still in the garage. I set up the computer using an end table and Pete's little table, and I have to sit on the floor. And yesterday when I was giving Lulu a shower (because the bathtub is full of stuff from under Pete's bed), my shins got wet and they burned! Turns out I have mild rug burn from sitting in front of the computer. Who would have ever thought!

We have one tiny tomato finally! It looks like a little green blueberry. I'll post a picture when I find the camera...

Also, apparently the Chiaphant sat in the garage too long because only one of the seeds sprouted and a bunch of the rest are getting moldy. Oh well. It was worth a shot. If I find the camera, I'll post a picture of the little green stem sticking up above CPh's tail. It's kind of silly, really.

This summer, Pete is learning French (I would have chosen Spanish, but I wasn't the one picking) and piano. Pete is really taking to both, I think.

So! Totally uninteresting, huh? Sorry....

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