Saturday, June 23, 2007

Talk About Passive-Aggressive!

A Saturday post!

So, earlier, while Husbandguy was sleeping in his chair and Pete was watching a TV program and Lulu was napping, I thought I would play the piano for a few minutes. Before I had played four notes, DH exclaimed in an irritated voice, "Are you sure you want to do that now?" He claims he meant while Lulu was sleeping, but the way he said it didn't make that clear. Then, later, when he was sitting down for a minute taking a break because he really had been working hard moving stuff in the garage, I tried playing again, and he said something like, "Did you finish that thing you were going to do?" or something just as passive-aggressive. So I asked him why he doesn't want me to play the piano, and his response was that he never said that he didn't want me to play the piano, but what he should have said was that he never actually said that because it sure came across that way!

Jeez! I played the piano anyway this last time (I stomped around and looked annoyed the first time).

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