Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Grilled Talapia

Did George Foreman really name all of his kids George Foreman? Are they all boys?

I only ask because the other day we had grilled talapia for dinner and since it was so hot outside and kind of stormy (for a second), I cooked it on our George Foreman grill, which maybe isn't fine dining or anything, but wow! is it easy. And plus, I'm not really a fish eater so I just cared that it was cooked and husbandguy was so happy to be eating fish at home that he didn't care how it was cooked and Pete ate three helpings so clearly Pete didn't care either. Lulu even sucked it down until she tried the rice, which she liked better.

And the other day we had hot dogs and I used our GFG for those. And chicken breasts before that. I think Husbandguy might miss firing up our outside grill, but the GFG is so easy. And its 8,000,000,000º here already! And wasps come in the house when DH goes in and out through the back door. And the GFG only runs out of gas if the power goes out. And we don't have to wait for DH to get home from work on a weeknight to use the GFG (I can use the outside grill but it's 8,000,000,000º here [see above]). See? So there are a ton of reasons to use it!

What should I cook on it next? Oooooo... I know... Bratwurst! No... That should be cooked outside... Hmmm...


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

It really even does a nice job on grilled - you know, panini type - sandwiches. Or Quesadillas. Beanie bought me a GF for Mom's day about four years ago and it's like crack to me! DEFINITELY beats my "salsa maker" in terms of fun toys for the kitchen.

The Mayor said...

It's "Tilapia"

Mommy's Nintendo said...

Thanks, 'the mayor'. Does it really matter, though?

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