Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Excitement Is...Pending

Pete went to her first sleepover this past Tuesday. She has stayed overnight with her grandparents a bunch of times and once, when we were on vacation she and her cousin had a little mini-sleepover, but Husbandguy and I were just in the next room. Anyway, when Pete was at Berry's house (that's her friend) is when I found out about Grandpa and Meme moving closer so Pete didn't know right away. I told her as soon as I picked her up on Wednesday, thinking she'd be almost as excited and happy as I am about the news because just a couple of days before we had been talking about how, if GP and MM lived closer they could come to her piano recital (whenever that will be), and she thought that sounded good. But here's the thing: when I said, "Isn't that cool?" she said no. Don't be hurt GP and MM because I don't think she meant it. Tuesday night she got a stomach ache, which she still has, and also she didn't sleep well (because you just don't at sleepovers and she had that tummy ache) so she was tired all yesterday. Since she's still not feeling well today, I can't seem to get her excited about anything, but I know it's coming. As soon as she feels better, I bet she'll be totally excited and I can't wait because I want to have someone to share my glee with. Lulu's too little (although she smiles at me when I talk to her about it) and DH? Well DH doesn't get excited about anything. At all. Seriously. It's annoying.

Feel better, Pete! So we can do a Happy Dance and plan our first road trip.

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