Monday, June 4, 2007

Passive Aggressive Present

I bet you don't get presents for your annual review. You might get a raise or a bonus or a hat with your company logo or something cheesy like that, but I bet you don't get presents, from your wish list, from everyone. We do. It's cool.

So, a couple of our temps went on vacation recently, before Boss 2's annual review, and before they left, they dropped off a box at the office and said something passive aggressive like "[Mommy's Nintendo] can put that together...if she wants to..."

Duh! "If she wants to..."? When have I not torn into a box that says "Some Assembly Required" on the outside? And they knew that! "If she wants to..."! Jeez! They could have just said,"This has to be put together. Would you do it?" I would have said, "Try and stop me!"

I know passive aggressive when I see it. I should! I'm the queen. Everyone here is... Boss 1, Mr. Co-Worker... Well, Boss 2 isn't, but I bet she will be eventually. Jeez, people! Just say what you mean!!

(Note to Self: investigate hats with company logo...)

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