Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hooray! The Faraway Temps Are Moving Closer!

Well, some of them are anyway - Meme and the Grandpa FKA BostonPoetGuy. Now, instead of being 16 hours away by car and 1 ½ hours away by plane, they'll be 3 hours away by car and too close to even consider flying (because it would take longer to get through security and get on the plane than the flight would last)! And we can see them for birthdays and recitals and just because we miss them (which is ALWAYS!). And it's good too because Meme has a job and will be close to her mom and sister and we can see GB when we see Meme and GFKABPG. And Lulu will get to know these temps who Pete already knows and loves and respects. Poor Husbandguy, though! I bet he'll get tired of weekend road trips before I do!! We'll have to find something super fun and tempting near their new home when they get it that we can promise him to get him to make the trip (and do all the driving)...

YAY!! Meme and GFKABPG!! Yay!!


the Grandpa formerly known as Boston Poet Guy said...

We could always offer to grill some tuna steaks!

Mommy's Nintendo said...

That might work!

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