Thursday, June 21, 2007

Muppet Haircut and Advice for PSP

So we have this blanket that is sort of like a fluffy blue Muppet (I love the Muppets), and it had this fringe on the ends that was like Muppet hair until I washed it (the blanket - including the fringe). After that, it was all tangled together like a fuzzy blue puzzle, which would have been great for me because I like puzzles, but it was also leaving Big Blue Fuzzballs everywhere that Lulu kept eating (that kid puts everything in her mouth!). So I cut the fringe off - I gave the Muppet blanket a haircut. While I was cutting off the fringe my mind wandered around a little because trimming blankets doesn't involve much thought beyond keeping your fingers out of the scissors, and I was thinking about how boring my blog is, really. A while ago, someone even told Meme, the temp responsible for the Magic Music, that it is. BostonPoetGuy (who has a new name now, but I don't remember it) seems to enjoy it, and I really like that, but would he read it all the time if he wasn't my dad? Then I was thinking about Princess Sparkle Pants and wondering if she would keep coming back if she wasn't my friend (seriously, PSP, would you?). And that got me thinking about PSP's blog and her desire to discover a friend's true sexual orientation without asking straight out (no pun intended). I had suggested she should hit on him, but it occurred to me during the trim that if he knows about her DH and two Lovey Loves, he might not take her seriously. I was going to leave another comment on her blog, this time suggesting that she offer to set him up with her friend Alison Jones (remember her PSP?) instead. Then I thought, since my blog is boring and PSP reads it anyway (thank you PSP), I would put it here. There you go, PSP. Try that.


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Oh! That's a great idea! Yes, I would read because I think it is written just like you talk, which is why I like talking to you, too. All I can say is, I started my blog for the family to keep up with my (immediate) family, and it has turned into my own personal therapist. But I truthfully do keep up with the stats (25 visitors today!) and I do secretly long to be a "blog of note". Some other bloggers have shared what I have found to be true, which is that it sort of takes a while to figure out your style. I have been doing this silly thing for six months now, and I do enjoy it, but maybe if it's not fun for you, you shouldn't worry too much about it? But I would miss your updates- I do check them regularly! Anyway, yes, Alison Jones, I believe she was best friends with Julie (what? Davis, maybe?) and they hung with the crowd at some bar somewhere every once in a while. Also- remember the I HEART GLENN fan club??? And driving (and drinking- boo) when we were far too young with my friend CarrieCarrie??? How FUNNN!!!!

the grandpa formerly known as BostonPoetGuy said...

Don't know if I'd read it or not since it is the only blog I read regularly. But I can say I enjoy it and would miss it if it weren't here to help me start my working day. I'm not bored.

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