Monday, June 11, 2007

A Summer Project

Someone gave me this a hundred years ago, and it's been out in my garage, which gets incredibly hot in the summertime, for a very long time so who knows if it will still work. Husbandguy found it yesterday and I showed it to Boss 1 (who, you'll remember, is in the office with us all day during the summer) and she thought we should do it. She'd never seen one before. I hope it works. She'll think it's pretty cool, I bet, if it does. We started yesterday. This was the first step.


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Who gave this to you?? 'Cause I knew you a hundred years ago and it is the kind of thing I would give you if I ever saw it... but I don't know if I did or somebody else did. And, suddenly, I am thinking about Moomie and the can of spam...

Mommy's Nintendo said...

It could have been you, PSP. Honestly I don't remember. It was a hundred years ago. Yeah... It does seem like something you would have given me... being an elephant and all... I just remember I loved it when I got it but never had the chance to do it.

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