Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Magic Music

Sometimes Boss 2 needs a siesta, but she doesn't believe she does so she resists laying down. One of our temps put together this great CD of relaxing music, sort of lullaby-y stuff. If Boss 2 plays that, she's asleep in minutes. The CD has about 20 songs on it, I think, but Boss 2 has never heard past song 3 (which is too bad because song 17 is a great song, one of my favorites). The CD is almost magical, really!

The temp also made Boss 1 a CD; it has chicken songs on it. Boss 1 loves listening to it, but it doesn't put her to sleep. It's just silly fun.

We have a lot of Silly Fun at my job (the best job ever - remember?). Add that to the list of why this job is better than my other jobs.


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Seriously? I want a copy of the magic CD for Beanie and Pumpkinhead!!

Mommy's Nintendo said...


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