Monday, November 24, 2008

Whew! That Was Close!

It would appear that we have the full magic of Santa for at least another year. Husbandguy and I took the girls to visit with Santa this past weekend (because there is no line if you go before Thanksgiving) (and they were ready), and Pete firmly stated that she does believe. She has made up her mind. For now.

When I suggested the girls put on pretty dresses for their visit, Pete whined that she wanted to just wear what she had on (a pink Hannah Montana shirt, purple leggings, red socks, and blue slip-on shoes) and Lulu announced that she knew just the "pretty dress" she wanted to wear: her Snow White costume. Hmm... I said I needed to talk to their Daddy about that. The conversation went something like this:

MN: What do you think of that?
HG: I don't know.
MN: It would be nice if they dressed up in their "Sunday clothes." Although I guess that kind of is their Sunday clothes...
HG: I don't know.
MN: Are we cool enough parents to let them wear that stuff to see Santa?
HG: I don't know.

In the end, it turned out that we are that cool. In their Santa 2008 photo, Pete is sitting on Santa's right knee looking like she just finished a very colorful (and Super Cute) gym class, and Lulu is on his left knee, a pretty little princess in a flowy yellow skirt (and sneakers). It's awesome.

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45 and Aspiring said...

It is certainly awesome!

That's what happens with a 2 year old when you don't let any other holidays happen between Halloween & the Santa pictures!

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