Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Holidays Are Here!

Today was our official start to the Holiday Season: the annual Holiday Luncheon at Pete's school. It's a big deal. And each year it gets bigger and better. Bigger because there are more families there (this year they had to split it out over 2 days to fit everyone) and better because the cafeteria is under new management. The food's not bad, really. One year it was super salty, but this year it was way better. And the portions aren't exactly one-size-fits-all (too much for the children, not enough for Husbandguy, but just right for me) so HG ends up scavenging turkey off our plates. We bought Lulu her own lunch this year, for the first time, and she ate like a champ. Everything but the green beans. And not the sweet potatoes, just the marshmallow part. And she got "congealed fruit" with peaches instead of cranberry sauce. Pete took her away to meet her friends when she had eaten enough, and when I caught up with them, Lulu was hugging everyone in sight. Oddly (not!), no one seemed to mind.

Everyone who lives in my house is in agreement that it was Super Fun. Pete and I thought the only thing missing was some background music.

This weekend, we're going to see Santa so we can avoid the long lines when the Holiday Season begins for everyone else.

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